"Issues Around Mental and Public Health"
Session notes from SAPC 2004

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Format: open discussion (we apologize for the cursory notes)

First Generation: Immigrants to the U.S
Second generation: Raised in the U.S

For the first generation, failure is not an option. Career status is a symbol for parents and extended family. Family feels a need to conform to expectations that a society has for increased status.

The drive for financial success for first generation immigrants stems from economic ethic and cultural insecurity.

Is "FOB" a derogatory term?

It depends on the usage and context. Taking ownership of language. "FOBs" calling each other "FOB" is different from someone outside the community calling a person a "FOB." What about ABCD?

What is South Asian culture? Culture is not monolithic and malleable.

Language-Accents are being erased. Examples of this are teacher's assistants and a call center.

Aging is very difficult. Senior South Asians are feeling increasingly isolated. They are not culturally accepted for parents to be in old folks homes. Often, parents or in-laws are living with the children. Children feel guilty about not taking care of our parents.